Friday, October 3, 2008

My Little Girl

Happy Birthday Sweetie!
she was so looking forward to being 6!
on the morning of Eid :)
we celebrated Eid with everyone gathering @ my Mum's place. after 30 days of fasting (for many of us) it really is a Great time to celebrate :) seeing my brothers, my sisters~in~law and nephew & nieces all dressed up in their Hari Raya clothes and Happy faces, priceless moment!

we would also ask for forgiveness for whatever wrong we've done and usually the Little Ones would receive a Green Packet with some money where it's locally called, Collection Money! hehe...

and the best part, usually is the eating bit ;) lots of local traditional dishes being cooked by my Mum and her must have, Sambal Goreng, Rendang and Teh Tarik, that will always be @ the top of our list.

we would spend the day @ her home and then my brothers would move on with their family to visit their in~laws. my Mum would always pack some food for Ron's parents. and for us too :D later in the evening we would visit my Grandmother and Uncles and we would end the night by going for a drive before heading home :)

Cupcakes and Cookies
on the morning of Eid, Aysha and i were busy in the kitchen baking these...

Aysha baked and decorated the Cupcakes

i baked these Crunchy Oatmeal cookies

and Date Cake :)

Welcome October!
we're going Pink over @
{Create} Make It Happen.
come and join in for a Good Cause :)

she couldn't wait to turn 6!
it's a lovely Friday here in Sunny Singapore. i'm in need of a new computer (seriously!) and my MacBook needs a new battery charger... so what else is new?

anyhoo, while Ron's in town i can hog his laptop for the time being :D i truly hope we will be able to get things sorted out with my computer soon. it's now left to our computer guy whom we're hoping to come over real quick!

we're expecting my Dad and Muesa's friends later to come visit. it's nice having their friends over and boys at their age, all they wanna do is play Xbox or Wii...

and later in the evening Aneesa has to go for her fitting session for an upcoming fashion show. she was called in for an audition by the Clients and when we got there, they were seated @ a table just like those on America's Next Top Model and they asked her to walk, pose and asked her a few questions. how cool and nerve wrecking is that??? hehe... and the Little Ones were only about 5 to 6yrs old :D

i'd like to wish you a Wonderful Weekend, Thanks for dropping by and Enjoy the month of October! *Hugs*


Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family, and happy birthday to Aneesa. She looks lovely as always !!

Karen L said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. Beautiful family photos. Love all your baking - lots of fun times together. We are going Pink this month also for Breast Cancer. I also love your layout.

Cheryl Wray said...

That is one GORGEOUS cake!!!!!! And the layout is perfect!!!

Happy Birthday to your sweetie!!

jakey said...

Lovely pix honey - glad you had a wonderful time with the family :-)

jk xx

Manon Keir said...

Happy birthday to your little girl Ed!
Beautiful LO and thank you for sharing your life in Singapore with us, it's so special!!

jazsutra said...

Ed,was fun mtg u,Kristy and the gals at yr place today.Im blessed to have found such great frenz thru scrapping ;)
Enjoyed all the makan and also the princess cake so much just now.BURP!!
thx again for having us;)

Mireille said...

happy birthday to your lil one! LOVE the layout!!

Vivs said...

happy belated birthday to your lil angel Ed! love the photo of your kids! and wonderful Lo there! you are certainly busy as well.. heehee! take care. and that cuppies sure looks tempting!