Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Talk of the Town

so the first ever Formula1 Night Race, Singapore Grand Prix was a huge success. it was a great experience and 300,000 people were part of this and many coming from other parts of the world. they must be Number 1 Fans :D

it was a Girls' Night out for us on Saturday night. attending this event for the first time in our lives and enjoying every bit of the atmosphere! who knew that this tiny island of Singapore could host this Grand Event and for the 3 nights the race was on, this part of our island lit up so brightly and what a spectacular view it was! honestly, best to watch from TV or the big screens scattered @ almost every spot.

i'm sure the chatter among the fans of F1 community hasn't ended yet. what with Ferrari driver Massa driving off with the hose and unexpected win by Renault driver Fernando Alonso. honestly, before this, i never really knew any of them ;) but so glad i was part of this amazing experience!


excited to be part of this!

protecting our ears ;) Thanks Sal!

i took many many shots of the cars whizzing by but all of them look the same... one of the many i think is one of my best shot??? hehehe...

we stayed until the end. we got home about 1am. we walked alot. i had to recuperate the next day from exhaustion! hehe...

tonight marks the end of Ramadan :( 30 days of fasting and as much as i would love to celebrate Eid, seeing Ramadan go is quite sad. hopefully there'll be annother Ramadan for us to observe next year. despite being busy with house cleaning and the usual stuff Mothers do @ home, managed to bake some cookies :) this with my own recipe and with Ae's jams that she sent from Germany, i made Kirschen Oatmeal Cookies...

this turned out quite Yummy! can you imagine the scent of freshly baked Kirschen Oatmeal cookies? hehe... will be baking a few more Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies and maybe my trademark Date Cake :)

i'm also posting my simple Potatoes Gratin recipe for Mimi :)
boil potatoes
slice them into thin pieces
add salt
place in baking dish and add cheese of any kind
preheat oven @ 200degrees
bake in oven for about 30minutes
hope you'll try this out! simple, easy and sinful! :D

i'd like to take this opportunity to Wish All my Muslim Friends

Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri, Maaf Zahir Batin
Happy Eid and Have a Wonderful Celebration with your Loved Ones :)

Take care, see you after the celebrations and Smile! because you're Beautiful! :)



Coochies & All said...

When I was watching the race on tv, I was thinking - Edleen is out there somewhere! :) Forgot to mention to you that I enjoy seeing your cooking pics! I can't cook for peanuts and admire your cooking so so much - you're a very capable mum. :)
elaine t

M@risk@ said...

I think you had a blast. With 3 men in the house it's a lot of racing and biking overhere. I like it a lot too and riding my motorbike for 20 years now.

Cathy said...

I am so behind.... I promise to get caught up soon!!

Big hugs! Cathy

Jo said...

Selamat Hari Raya to your family! :D

Je@net said...

Wow, I'm sure you all had a great time. The pics looks great!!

jazsutra said...

Salam Aidilfitri Ed..May u and your family have a blessed celebration ;) err...the kuih kuih sos edap oni.err..can send to me kah?kekeke!juz teasing you.have a fun family time ;)

scrappermimi said...

Thanks for the recipe Ed...that will be on my menu next week!