Saturday, November 22, 2008

2009 Visual Board Calendar

on Thursday night, i was Inspired to make this. i wanted something to hang and place notes and reminders for Year 2009. it'll be a busy year especially for my kids with Muesa sitting for PSLE and Aneesa's first year in Primary School. as i'm getting older, i NEED a visual board to check on daily! hehe... reminders in my phone doesn't work for me as i sometimes cannot find my phone!!! :D

this is also part of my assignment for Laine's. most of the products you see can be found @ the store. minus the post it notes ;) everything is removable as it's all held with ribbons,brads,rings and Kokuyo dotliner. the 6x12 layout can be changed each month if you like.
i used corrugated board as the backing and
sprayed some Coffee glimmer mist

add as many of these Maya Road sheer calendars as you like!
Positive phrases or sentiments can be changed.
just peel off and add a new one each time :)
Thanks for checking my blog out and hope you're enjoying the weekend :) i still wish we're staying @ a hotel room and do basically nothing when in there! hehehe... laundry is still getting done but slowly piling down. *phew*

took my afternoons off to meet up with Sophia on Thursday for a quick lunch and we managed to shop a little @ Laine's!!! didn't we say we didn't need any new stash??? but we shared a few things, so it's worth it. don't forget to use your discount vouchers! ;) and Thanks Sophia for fetching me and Little Ones from home. so Sweet of you!

didn't get to walk around town much on Thursday so we went to Orchard Road again on Friday. we're having a Cupcakes and Donuts Christmas this year! the decors are so cute and colourful :)

photo with a tourist who wanted a shot with Aneesa :)

we were also mistaken as tourists!
someone asked where we were from..hehe

lovely Christmas tree outside Paragon.

i'm not sure if he actually knows, but my Little Anis would point to the Christmas trees and says, "My birthday, Christmas right?" he's showing signs of growing up! *sigh* can't believe he'll be 4 soon!!! where has the time gone?

as i made my visual board, i was a little taken aback realising that the Millenium has come to it's 9th year! i know we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but i am Thankful for this Life on Earth, may it be better for the less fortunate so we could all live happily together. may things get better for the World, may Family bond always remain close and may Friendships bloom and continue on and grow. Thankful for Love for without Love it's a feeling of being cold and lonely.

Thanks for coming by, wishing you Great Moments always and take care!



ianz said...

Shall we go for SB shopping one of the days? hehe i have another half a day to claim on weekdays(off day i mean) but not this coming week cause i'll be quite bz with meetings hehe....

jazsutra said...

another lovely project from you Ed,so useful and gorgeous!!

scrap-myself-silly said...

Brilliant idea Ed ! Good for keeping track of deadlines, happenings etc

How was ur weekend ?


Natália Almeida Rosin said...

Ed, I loooove your new project! this calendar is amazing!

Peta's page said...

Hi! If you look on my blog there is a message for you :-) I know you from the aussiedares site :-)

hariyani said...

hello hello :)
thanks for dropping by.. we still have a looong way to go to be where u are now.. HAPPY ANNI! :)
errr.. would love to write u an email n perhaps make u cupcakes but... wads ur email add? hehe :)

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE that calendar!!

Cathy said...

Love the Calendar. It is very creative and so fun!!

I want my picture taken with Aneesa too!