Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some More...

we've arrived home safely! Thank God :) unpacked a little, settling down in the comforts of home and back to reality where there is no more VIP treatment! hehehe... back to laundry, ironing and home chores, how fun ;)

but it's really great to be back home and also time to recuperate from the whole Bangkok experience! here i am sharing some more of the days we had there...

MBK, you MUST come here. we went back there twice ;)

across the bridge from MBK, you will get to this area which is so Cool and Groovie! more of a teenage hangout with all the hip & trendy fashion finds and also Hard Rock Cafe

i love the feel of this place :) music blasting on speakers as you walk along the street. so nice!

we even saw a Bollywood film being made ;)

local sweet treats


Sukhumvit,Soi Nana. more night markets here and plenty of Middle Eastern food found here :)

we had Chicken Kebab @ only 50baht

as if it's not enough, we went to Suan Lum Night Bazaar which is close to The Metropolitan, near Sathorn where we were staying. more Tshirts, souvenirs and some cool vintage stuff to be found here ;)

there's really much more and i'll just post them as i blog next time round ;) Thanks for coming by and hopefully if you're planning a trip to Bangkok, perhaps some of these infos are useful. but there's always the internet to look out for more information. wished we could have gone to many more areas but we covered mostly the huge markets and bazaars.

sadly, we were there @ a time when the Nation lost their Princess :( she was the King's sister. where the procession of the funeral was held, there were road closures and i watched some of it on Live TV. they truly Love their Royal Family.

well, haven't shown you Chatuchak yet so prepare to be amazed! hehe...
time to get some rest and Many Love Thanks to my Sweet Husband who spoiled me during this whole trip :) @ one point i had to tell him to stop buying me silver jewelry... i'm not the crazy silver and turquoise lady!!! hehe... he thinks i'm silly to not want to go to the spa and get myself massaged. but the man Loves me nevertheless :D you can roll your eyes now! haha...

i look forward to get back into some scrapbooking action and Thanks AGA for this :)

did this before i left for Sketches! Recipe challenge.
this time it's my turn to come up with a recipe to use
2 photos, flowers and stamping
also did some stitching around the border
Singapore is having some wet weather, nice and cool :) need to catch up on my missed Indonesian dramas!!! hehe... and of course with family and friends.

have a great midweek and Take Care. *Hugs*


jazsutra said...

Welcum home Ed!!! Such fun at the getaway!!and beautiful layout there ;)

eMeLiNe said...

So happening eh?!! :) Glad u had a good time !!

{Ross} said...

WOW che bello!! Ti seguo sempre, sei bravissima!

Je@net said...

Good to see you Edleen and welcome home!!
Great pics and your work looks lovely (as always ;-)

Je@net said...

Good to see you Edleen and welcome home!!
Great pics and your work looks lovely (as always ;-)

Natália Almeida Rosin said...

wow! looks like your trip was amazing!! Great photos, Ed!
Hope you are doing well!

Cathy said...

Love all your pictures!! Did I tell you that I was JEALOUS???

Sophia said...

Welcome home Ed!!!!

Really missed you past couple of days!!!

I'm so happy for you that you went on this trip and took many amazing pictures! I'm sure you had a real blast in BKK! The pictures if MBK is all too familiar! We must have taken pictures of the building from the same bridge!!!

You're really blessed for being pampered to the max!!! Love the "mystery" feeling of meeting your "lover" in BKK. LOL. Of course he is none other than your husband lah!

Loving your LOs!!

scrap-myself-silly said...

Hi Ed :)
Thanks for taking me to BKK with yo0oou....the photos are great ..felt like I was there too.
Hope you had a blast of a time with the hubs. Maybe I can get my hub to ask ur hubs for some pointers..hehehe...I wanna be treated like a queen too...huaaaa!

Btw, ur kids are gorgeous !


Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds...and looks!! a wonderful trip.I love that you always show pictures of your food. Food is my favorite part of any trip!! :-)

Stephanie M said...

welcome home!!! great shots!!

Karen L said...

Love checking out your photos from you holiday with your wonderful DH. Looks like you were thoroughly spoilt. Keep the piccies coming. Love your layouts too - Oh Edleen if only I could get the time and the motivation to get in and get some scrapbooking done.

Coochies & All said...

Welcome home Edleen and thanks so much for sharing your holiday pics - I've never been there before but now after seeing your pics, I must disturb my hubby to bring me there! :)
elaine t

Carla said...

What awesome are so lucky to have gone on a trip with hubby and have him spoil you! Lucky girl..hes a keeper thats for sure....

Tania said...

Yay, back safe and sound after an excellent time! That is the best. :) Love that pink store. Love your layout and the photos of beautiful Mama and her gorgeous babies! :)
Have a great day Edleen, hopefully your package arrives for you soon :)

Leah said...

I love all your trip pictures! What a fun experience!

Chriss Rollins said...

Hello Ed,

Welcome home, I have just had a wonderful time catching up on your trip, fabulous Photo's,
Thank you for sharing and please have a fab weekend.

chriss x

jakey said...


So sorry i've been absent from your blog - I've missed you girl! I've been mega busy, but you're the first one i've caught up with :-)
Glad you had a fab trip honey, and hey - there's no place like home!

jake xx