Monday, November 17, 2008

Sawasdee Ka

Hello! from Bangkok, Thailand the Land of Smiles :)

sharing some photos i managed to capture @ the airport and what i did while my flight was delayed for 2hrs...

@ Changi International Airport, Terminal 1

spent most of my time here waiting ;)

finally boarded Cathay Pacific, Economy class ;)
view from my window seat. i had all 3 seats to myself!
now that's First Class to me! hehe...

random shot while we took off @ the runway ;)

Bye Singapore!!!

Hello Bangkok!!!

glad i got a shadow shot of our plane :)

when Ron said i would be met by someone, i didn't think JJ would actually meet me the moment i got off the plane! i was so surprised seeing this well dressed man holding up a board with my name on it. felt so "Special"..hehe

he took my handcarried bags and we walked to the other gate where we waited for Ron's flight to arrive from Bhutan. i guess my flight delay was meant to be as Ron arrived minutes later so i didn't have to wait for too long. JJ brought us through Immigration meant for Diplomats where we didn't have to wait in line and passed thru customs without having to stop for checks. how cool huh? i think this would the only time in my life experiencing such a "RockStar" treatment! hehe...

i guess i'm just overwhelmed by the niceness of it all. it must be so nice to get these privileges whenever one is travelling. we collected Ron's luggage and met his new friends he met in Bhutan. they raved about the place and telling me next time Ron is headed there, i must go. hopefully i will have the opportunity to tag along.

we arrived @ The Metropolitan shortly after and it's very Zen like, modern and i Love the clean and simplicity of the whole place. staffs were in Earth tone uniforms and all friendly and so courteous putting their hands together with a small nod or bow each time they meet with the Guests :)

very cosy :D

the last time i was in Bangkok back in the early 90s, there wasn't that many tall buildings. but today as we went thru the city from the airport, we saw many modern and awesome tall buildings! this is the view from our room :)

you will not see me here ;)

can't wait to Discover Bangkok!

Thank You for dropping in to see what's happening on my side. i'll have to make up with alot of catching up ;) will try and post more photos and information on the endless rows of shopping galore and places to go to shop some more!!! must know how to bargain too but with lots of Smiles :)

for my Muslim friends, we found places for makan! i had TomYum every single day and ANYwhere in Bangkok, any TomYum ordered whether it's a Cafe, Food Court, Restaurant or Room's so Delicious!!! make your choice with coconut milk or clear TomYum soup, either one, both are Yummy :D

alrighty, time for Beddie Bye and have a Great Time whatever you're doing!


Chriss Rollins said...

thanx for sharing your fab photo shots and what you are up to.

Film star reception (smile)

Have a fantastic time.

chriss x

Sharmaine said...

So glad you got to go
So glad you have had a SUPER wonderful trip
So glad you got time with Ron
So glad you shared those cool photos!!!!

missusem said...

Wow.. bestnya.. post gambar banyak banyak, tau! :)

Cathy said...

What a wonderful surprise from your hubby!! I jealous!

I want to be you when I grow up!!!

jazsutra said...

oh ed,im melting away reading what ure sharing ;)enjoy !have fun!

Benga said...

great shots! have fun!

Benga said...

great shots! have fun!

Carla said...

WOW...that is awesome that you got to go and have a nice time with hubby and take all those awesome pictures.....