Thursday, January 15, 2009


how nice to receive this in my mailbox! :)
Thank You Liza! (Queenie) i *heart* it, it's so adorable :D

from an Aunt, Yummy gift from Japan, Japanese snacks! :D

it's been a Groovie Day..hehe with nice Sunny and Breezy weather today. went to visit my Mum in the morning and couldn't stay long since Little Ones have to be in school by 12.30pm. once they're off in school, managed to do these...

Aneesa's friend since Nursery :)
A Day To Remember
Aysha and Muesa when they were 6 and 4.
same age Aneesa and Anis is now!
wanted this layout to look like it's from a page of a Diary :)
hope you're having a lovely Thursday :) our TV came back from repair and Ron went thru so much hassle with the Customer Service from Harvey Norman. long story short, it was UGLY! hehehe... TV or anything that's still under warranty has it's right to be repaired free of charge or replaced maybe of the same value. somehow along the way they lied that our TV was beyond repair and offered another set of lower value with a difference of $600.

anyone who knows Ron, he wouldn't stand for that kind of service. he managed to speak to the contractor who was supposed to repair our TV and was told that our TV CAN be repaired. duh... i'm just glad he's around when this happened :D

well, that's that and just Thankful it's all over! the drama, the saga! hehehe...
my computer is also being serviced and no drama on my part ;) waiting anxiously for it's return. off to snack on these crunchy seaweed goodies and enjoy your day!


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

oh Ed! Why can you create lovely Los in just a few hours while it takes me forever to do that!I really admire your creative ways dear.

sharon Ong said...

hey hey, hope this award I nominated you for (see my blog) makes your day a little bit even more nicer. (Hmmm the English a bit salah there...)

Natália Almeida Rosin said...

I LOVE that thing that you received!! It's gorgeous!