Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Cold!!

snow...missing it! a little bit ;)
outside our apartment in London in 1991
used up all the vinyl dots scattered all over
the page as if it's like snowfall :D
Life Is Good
indeed for a little tot :)
did this layout for a challenge @ Groovie Scraps Cafe
for our 2nd Birthday Party in March
My SweetHeart

went for her check up this afternoon and the Doctor says she has eczema. he has prescribed ointments and medicines to help reduce the itch and the rash from spreading. most importantly, she has to stop scratching! we'll have to go back in 3 months for a review and i truly hope if she's not cured 100%, at least she'll be out of discomfort.

i cannot help but worry but i pray everyday that she will be alright and not be affected by this. whatever it is, we'll always Love her just the way she is :)

couldn't pick a fave photo between these two...
but so glad it's raining lately. our trees and plants are asking God for lots of water as they're really drying up!

Indian Delight
couldn't resist...just had to show off what we had for lunch @ Little India earlier. these are delicious, really!

Aneesa having prata

Masala Thosai

Chicken Masala

Teh Tarik, my must have! :)

check out the sign...

Thank You everyone for your kind and comforting words :) Thanks for popping by and hope you're all well and in good health. been keeping up with reality shows that's back on TV like American Idol, Amazing Race and Survivor. are you watching? watched the Oscars and this is my year to watch the movies with girlfriends. having a few hours in the afternoon to myself is really nice and a well~deserved break :)

Take Care and Have a Fabulous remaining 4 days of February! :)


Aga said...

Hi Ed,
I love your snow page - the little vinyl dots look awesome, and such beautiful pics of the rain drops on the plant - love this!
Also glad to read that it's nothing too serious with your daughter :)

Aga xx

PS. The boys tatoos are only the air brush kind... but they thought they looked pretty cool anyway ;)

Stephanie M said...

yummy food.:)

ianz said...

vadai is one of my favourite!!! yummylicious!!!

Karen L said...

Love your snow layout Edleen, not often you see snow in London - I bet all the snow they have had this year has bought back lots of memories for you. Hope your little one is feeling a lot better and the medication is helping, espeically to help her not to itch.

Princess Gizmo said...

Wow!! Snow!!!! Hehehe love this LO!! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Great pages, as always!!! And love all of that yummy looking food!

M@risk@ said...

Real fun how you scrapped the snow picture. Yummy looking at all the delicious stuff.

Je@net said...

Hi Ed, love your funny snow page!! And of course I love all the yummie food ;-)
Hope the medications will do their work and your little girl gets well soon!
Have a nice week!

scrappermimi said...

Great projects! And such yummy looking food...every time I come to your blog I end up hungry!

My Paper World said...

Totally COOL Ed! LOVE the snow dots!
OMG! we had so much snow recently that I couldn't even get to work one day!
It's my last day in London TOMORROW! I've lived here for almost all my life, so it's huge for me to move so far away.
Did ya ever visit the south coast in Somerset? that's where we are going.
Hope your lil sweethearts skin improves and stops itching, it's been fab to catch up with you today, hopefully I'll be able to pop back again real soon!
Much love
Nicola xx

sharon Ong said...

Love the dots Ed!And you always make me hungry lah...eating in Orchard is no fun.