Saturday, February 21, 2009


slowly making pages of their Medan Trip :)
a few ATCs i did this week :)

Happy Saturday! spending our day relaxing @ home. kids having fun and parents just letting them be :D sharing some photos i took this morning...

Orange Plant from CNY, they're still looking good :)

Aneesa's beansprout project

healthy Staghorn Fern

me, playing with our water feature :)

how are you today? hope you had a good week. lots of things happening in the World today. i'm pondering on many things and mainly our daily life. i can't wait to see the Skin Specialist to evaluate on Aneesa's eczema. this appointment was made about a month ago and i'm praying hard there'll be a solution. i'm sure as a parent, we worry about our child/children if anything that they suffer from needs to be cured. God Willing there'll be good news. right now she may not be so aware of it but she's going to grow up and probably feel insecure with the eczema so i've been telling her she'll always be pretty and not feel bad about the whole thing :)

Thank You All! for coming by and i hope all's well on your side :)
Take Care, have fun Creating to my Creative Friends and Enjoy the Weekend!



hariyani said...

hello hello :)

yes, i made that video :) hehe.
thanks for dropping by!
oh. can i have a bag of oranges pleaseeee :)


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Hi Ed.Wow you have done a lot of ATCs.I love them.And you are doing great in photography dear.Hope you can teach me someday how to take good pics.TC!

Naddy said...

Nice LO & ATCs ed...

Saskia said...


Thanks for visiting my blog!! Wow... you have great creations!! If you like to swap some atc's... just let me know!!

Wish you good luck and lots of creativity!!

Greetings from Belgium,


ianz said...

Hi ed! i've been an ATC bkmarks freak already haha....

Hope i'll be creative like u!!!

Cathy said...

You don't miss a beat do you!! I can be gone forever and rest assure when I get back over here I'm guaranteed fantastic LO's and good hearty food that I want to eat!!

Hope all is well in your part of the world!!

scrap-myself-silly said...

Cool ATC's Ed !
thanks for dropping my Secret Groovie Gift ... where huh ? kekekekke... a little blur with the cough meds kekekeke


Je@net said...

Hi Ed, just love your many things to show and to read!! Great projects girl, as always!
Enjoy the new week ahead!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

odear ...hope A's eczema doesn't blow up and can be tamed... esp in our torturous weather !!

Carla said... are you? Popping in to say hi!

Aga said...

Wow what a fabulous looking orange tree!! and very cute litte ATC's :)
Aga xx