Monday, March 23, 2009

Groovie Princess Mini Album

Hello! how was your weekend? we had a fun one going to a Pirate themed Birthday Bash and while all the kids had so much fun, Moms and Dads enjoyed themselves too :) oh my goodness, i ate so much!!!

and i also completed my Groovie Princess mini album which i started on earlier this week. when we were in JB, i saw this mini folder and with the Princess on the cover, it gave me the inspiration to start on the Birthday album :)

initially i wanted to alter it but seeing how pretty it is,
decided to get brown and pink felt and made it as the cover :)
stitched the folding sides, added lace around, cut out a
Princess Tiara
and added blings, flower & cupcake button
The Groovie Princess 2nd Birthday pages...
added the little gifts we got and the cute little embellies Wati K gave us.
i left 2 pages blank for my
Groovie Girlfriends to leave their Autograph :D
and they lived Happily Ever After...

Back To School

enjoying their lunch and each other before going off to school :) back to ME time in the afternoons and this week i'm making myself learn how to get around my MacBook. i've had it for more than 2years and only know the basic switching on/off, clicking on Safari, surf the web and switch off...hehe

i guess i'm doing pretty ok now that i'm able to blog from my MacBook! Yayy!!! see, were never too old to learn anything! ;)

it's a brand new week, last week of March. we're doing quite alright. Aysha had a terrible bout of stomach flu and Thankfully it didn't catch on with the rest. Ron is safe in Bhutan and enjoying the chilly mornings and seeing Beautiful views of hills and mountains and greens... *i so want to go there!*

hope you are well and in good health. enjoy the week ahead and Take care!

leaving you with some Sunset shots taken @ Changi Aloha yesterday...


~Sasha Farina~ said...

had too much fun! yes :) ate too much yummies - YES YES!!!! LOL :D

Sophia said...

oooohhhhhh! I totally {Heart} that Groovie Album!!!! It's so cool!!!! Wow! Look at all the work and heart in it!

You totally rock this one!

Princess Gizmo said...

Waaa.. So beautiful the album!!! Princessssss... I likeeee!! ;)

Aga said...

Hi Edleen,
I love the groovy princess album - the felt cover is adorable!!!
Also your sweet comments always bring a smile to my face - thank u :) Aga xx

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

love how you embellished that album!the felt cover is so pretty.just made a project using felt!they are so groovy to use!

Ana Baird said...

gorgeous and awesome album Edleen!

Natália Rosin said...

Yeah, Ed!! I'm pregnant!! How exciting is it?? =D
Thanks for your visit, made me happy! Have a great week, my friend!

Tania said...

Edleen, I absolutely love that mini album, love the idea of autograph pages :)

I'm happy no one else got that flu at your house. Our little one was sick with it too and thankfully no one else got it.

Those pictures had me relax with a sign instantly :) It's starting to get warmer here, yay!


ianz said...

Beautiful mini album!!!

Been saving money to buy an album so that i can do the groovie album...

Cheryl Wray said...

That album is AMAZING!!!!!

And I love those last pics!!

Karen L said...

Edleen your album is beautiful - love how you have used all the lace and felt. So glad to hear that the rest of you never got the stomach bug either - we had it here and it was dreadful. It knocked us out for a couple of days. Love your sunset photos too. I am loving playing with my camera lately also.

feli said...

wow wow wow!! i love the groovie album ed! especially that hand stitched cover!! i wanna see this for real.. :)

jazsutra said...

OOOOOOOOOO in love with your album Ed!!! so much details and eye candies!!! Just scrumptious!

and gorgeous pictured shared here!-jaz

salme said...

Groovie album, Ed! Love it!

Mireille said...

oh mannnn!!!
Does this rock or what??!!!
in big capitals!!!