Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Love School

she really does! hehe...
and i'm glad she looks forward to it :)
stitched on ribbon, added the cute mini clipboard and
i added sc and l to the word hoo from the little owl
to form the word School ;)

Umie, I Don't Suck Thumb Anymore
so he says...but i often catch him doing it still :D
Have Fun
for Sketches! Recipe
how are you? hope you're fine and dandy! :)

it's been a busy week for moi since the school holidays began here. taught my second class @ Laine's Papeterie on Sunday and still got the jitters but after awhile it kinda went away...hehe
Thanks to Sharon, Elaine and the Girls @ Laine's for their sweet encouragement :)

couldn't plan a short getaway during this time as kids have lessons in school and dental appointment. so we went to JB, Malaysia for a day of eating and checking out their sales. we don't have Baskin Robbins here in Singapore, not anymore or not that i know of...

enjoying their choice of flavours...

me and my Mocha! :D

for Hello Kitty fans, the Post Office has a collection of Zodiac stamps. bought a set for myself :)


we're heading to the airport in a bit. Ron will be in Bhutan & Bangkok for a month or so. we'll miss him as it's been great having him around. time will pass and meanwhile hope all will alright for him, us and Everyone :)

have a good Thursday and Take Care! *Hugs*


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

love you new layouts Ed!clever idea with the school word!lol!Hope DH would be fine.Cute new stamps!

Cheryl Wray said...

Those layouts are GREAT!!!! And that pic in front of Baskin Robbins is TOO cute!!

Tania said...

Lovin' your layouts. Your kiddos are gorgeous :) Love the photos of the little one in front of the shop and the four of them. :)


Karen L said...

These layouts are gorgeous Edleen - you never cease to amaze me with the beautiful work you are completely. Glad you enjoyed your Baskin and Robbins - we have them here, beautiful ice-cream.

TaMs* said...

ED>>>> you're so cute.

Naddy said...

whoahhh now u make me want to have some baskin robins ehehehe it's been a while since I last had BR :) kena tunggu 31st this mth, so tht can get 31% off hehehehehe

btw beautiful LOs... I'm drooling... Havnt scrap for a while now...

jazsutra said...

I love love love to shop in JB!! miss that! youve got 4beautiful kids Ed. Enjoy motherhood! and Gosh those layouts rae gorgeous!!! -jaz

Shirley said...

Hi peeps! Me went to Malaysia too! KL for 3d2n.
Love Baskin Robbins too. There's one in Berjaya Times Sq and we had our fill of ice cream cakes. Yeap, their ice cakes are superb and so much more affordable that you-know-wat brand!

scrap-myself-silly said...

Heya Ed ... greetings from PJ !
Absolutely adore the layering in your layouts. Great photo of the kiddos enjoying their iceys :)
Have a good weekend ahead !

Talk soon

sharon Ong said...

Hey hey! Love the Owl in the School Layout - very cool use of the "hoo"! Class gets easier each time yah?

Je@net said...

Wow, you're such a big inspirator. Just love your beautiful and colorful layouts!
Great pics of the kiddo's ;-)

Andrea, said...

Fabulous layouts, the papers are great and fab photos. Have a good day