Friday, March 13, 2009

Shop, Eat and Scrap!

on Thursday afternoon, spent some time @ Laine's and checked out their new arrivals. Yum!!! have you been there yet? ;)

Isetan had a Private Sale and i usually try not to miss it. they offer great deals on that day only plus further discounts and didn't plan on buying these...

i *heart* my new LeSportSacs! :D
got a reversible tote and purse and this one in my fave colours!

when i saw this DKNY tote going from $169 @ 80% off,
just had to grab it! been wanting to get it since it came out last year ;) so glad i waited..hehe

i thought this was so cute
this will be added to my tin case collection :)

so i don't know how many bags a Girl can have but...i have 2 Girls to share them with so, good excuse? hehehe...

this week my friends ordered my Mum's spicy sambal ikan bilis and i got some for myself too. made Nasi Lemak for the family. this time i remembered to add Pandan leaves to add fragrance to the coconut rice :) Ron grows these leaves @ our mini garden ;)

Mummy's spicy sambal, this one with fried tofu

fried eggs with onions

Umie's fried chicken :D

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is served! hehe...

and here's some scrapbooking done this week :) 2 Layouts for FarFlung Craft and one as an introduction of myself

mixing Batik pp and Peranakan line
switched photo to sepia tone
Kebaya Beauties
painted the naked chipboards lightly and
tinged it with Brilliance Galaxy Gold
added the "Chap Ji Ki" mini cards we played
during the crop :)My Cutie Pie
for Sketches! Recipe :)
lengthy blog post today but hope you enjoyed seeing what you see...hehe ;) the sale will be on for this week, i think. anything is worth buying when there's a price cut. if you're a fan of Burberry kidswear, they're having a storewide 50% off. i usually check out their outfits for teens ;) Agnes B bags and many more...

it's my first shopping trip this year. so a little excited! last year didn't have much ME time and didn't go out as often. it's fun and we should give ourselves a little treat whenever possible.

it's Friday! kids will begin their One Week school hols and we haven't any plans yet. mixed results from kids' exams while Aysha maintained Top Student, Muesa needs alot of improvement. Aneesa did pretty well for herself and Anis...hehe, that cheeky one still wants to play and i want him to be the Baby! :D

how are you doing? hope you're well and having a wonderful time wherever you are! it's almost mid~March and we're all hoping and praying that things will get better especially for the world economy. lots of news daily and while things do happen out there, let's stay Positive and have a great weekend!

Take Care! *Hugs*


Aga said...

Ooo love your fabulous buys Ed!! and love your beautifully exotic pages - stunning work!!
Aga xx

Sue said...

I was at Laine's on Thursday afternoon too but didn't see you. We keep missing each other :)

Sue said...

I was at Laine's on Thursday afternoon too but didn't see you. We keep missing each other :)

Tania said...

Hi Edleen. love that purse and the colours! I need to get out to go shopping too ;).
Love the layout of your little one, he's such a cutie :)

take care

Cathy said...

Hi Ed,

How are you. Do I need to tell you that I'm hungry now! HE HE

Your LO's are as fun as always.

Not too much going on here. I did have some major oral surgery so I'm a swollen mess right now. Hope it goes down by Monday or I wont be able to go the work. sigh....

Take care!!

Mireille said...

gorgeous layouts!!! Love the bags and I really really really wish I could have dinner at your house.. it always looks soooo yummy!

Je@net said...

Great stuff on your blog girl!
It's always so much fun to read your blog!
Have a great week ahead!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Ed I love those bags!!hehehe!glad you had a blast with the shopping galore.Nice food pics and Los are inspiring! Ei I got something for you in my blog!TC!

ianz said...

I love those bags!! And i still treasure the one that u gave me on my birthday last year!!

Envy u for being so productive with scrapping!

Tot of doing mini album for groovie BBQ and birthday party...had the photos ready but haven't get the album yet hhaha

M@risk@ said...

Wonderful layout about yourself and Cutie Pie is too cute. All the food looks so yummy I wish I was at your table. Have a fun week.

Benga said...

Great bargain you got there! i also love that turquoise color!
Lovely LOs too, especially your self portrait, great accents on the classic black pattern, gorgeous!
Have a great week!

TaMs* said...

mmm... that food makes me ready for lunch! Nice work on the great buys.. that's always such a great feeling.
I'm doing a giveaway on my blog today>>>
come leave a comment!

sharon Ong said...

Hey, I really like the page you did of yourself! Love the colours! Good job! Hope you've recovered from Sunday's Class :o)

feli said...

wow! i finally got to see the bags you bought!! so many!! tsk tsk! are you sure you gonna share it with your 2 girls? hehe!

Stef said...

Ed you keep a good eye on that blue lesportsac bag in september, if it goes missing you know where to look ok.