Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Remember

this month's Dare @ Aussie Dares.
journalled on the top beginning with
I Remember, me on our vacation in Bangkok :)
some flowers i made using ribbons :)
we finally brought our kids to watch Transformers and i truly enjoyed the show. very loud but the special effects are amazing! great entertainment :)

Yummy Goodness
this is NOT healthy but our kids LOVE cheese fries from fast food joints and they've been asking if we could get just the cheese sauce. tried looking @ our supermarkets but to no avail. this afternoon Ron came home with this huge can! this wasn't bought from any store. it helps if you have friends who works in a restaurant ;)

Durian Dessert
for durian lovers, this is truly delish! Ron made these with green bean, sago & Gula Melaka. best served cold or hot :)

a week has passed in July and hope you're doing great and enjoying every passing moment. Thank You for coming by and wishing you a wonderful Tuesday! *hugs*


Manon Keir said...

wow, i love that LO, it looks amazing! Almost like mixed media :)
Have a lovely week Ed, *hugs*

Natália Rosin said...

your LO is too beautiful, Ed!
Have a wonderful week!

Cathy said...

Hello my far away friend.

I miss you too!
Of course I come to your blog after forever and what do I see.....
beautiful LO's and food!!! LOL

Hope all is well in your world!!

Karen L said...

Such a stunning layout Edleen and I just love love your ribbon flowers. Love coming here to visit. Have a great day.

ianz said...

i LOVE durian!!! should have aDurian party at ur house one day haha