Sunday, January 24, 2010

Accept No Substitutes

for my next challenge @ Laine's Papeterie.
Family theme :)
Just Us Girls
Mother and Daughters :)
pages from my Desktop Journal using
random photos & scrap papers :D

Ed's Cheddar Chippies

inspired by watching Jamie @ Home ;)
i just didn't follow his recipe...hehe
wash the potatoes clean and boil for about 10minutes

let it cool and slice thinly.
add salt, pepper & chopped garlic

place strips of cheddar cheese over...

bake in oven for about 30minutes.
the top of the cheese is the best part..hehe

melted cheese @ the bottom

simple, quick and easy.
also quick to finish! ;)

Happy Sunday! hope you're doing well and *cough cough*...
it's getting better and Thanks so much for your sweet words :) the week whizzed by too quickly and wishing you a Lovely New Week ahead and Stay Smiley and Happy!

Take Care :)


itsaworkofart said...

Salam Ed, you really amazed me with your layouts and again i'm telling you, just love your signature style of doing your layouts!!
That recipe of yours looks yummy!! and most important.....EASY(lol!)
Hope we can meet up again!...must give your recipe a try too....

~EssenseVibez~ said...

okay, i'm so ready to go to the store and buy and bag of potatoes so i can make some of these---you are a fantastikal scrapper--i would love to spend one day with you and learn a things or two--be blessed my dear friend!

Natália Rosin said...

Hi dear! I wanna thank you for always taking time to visit my blog! You are such a grrreat person! I love to see your LOs and your yummy food!! =D
kisses, big kisses!

Je@net said...

Great usual! And the cheaddar chippies looks very yummie. Give it try this week too!

Nura Keif said...

Hey ed, how are you and kids doing?
Wonderful creations as always:-D

sharon Ong said...

yummy yummy - both the layouts and the potatoes!!!

Carla said...

Awesome lay outs girl....still know that I can come here and drool over

My Paper World said...

Ed!!! You TOTALLY AMAZE me!! I just can't believe how many Lo's you get done! Just love them! and you have such a gorgeous family!
The cheddar chippies look fab, gonna have to try them!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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