Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Treasure

photo pocket to slot in the tag
more photos on the fabric tag
Sisters Mini Album
check out more of the Fabric Tags and Buttons here :)

Happy Tuesday!
it's bright and sunny on my side today. hoping for a lovely day ahead and lots of resting to do. actually, it's more of staying indoors as i've this horrible itchy throaty cough!!! the one that causes embarassment if you're at a public place and you cough non~stop til tears roll down your eyes...

Thanks for any cure that you may recommend :) i've got a few with the tea and honey one, a bottle of cough syrup taken twice a day is now empty. i just wish i could take that itchy bug out and quit irritating my throat!!! hehehe...

hope you're having a lovely week and enjoying every moment. on the TV front, we're having American Idol auditions which is always fun to watch and looking forward to watching Glee! they won a Golden Globe and anything musical, i like :D

Thanks for dropping in and have a wonderful week ahead! *hugs*


Live Creatively said...

Ed, your family treasure is so so lovely with your cut-outs. You must have had lots of patience, must be during the ME time right? Try taking Red Hudsons, it might not cure the cough but at least the cooling effect can ease that itchiness a little. You take care ok. Hugs :)

sharon Ong said...

I love the page you did for Far Flung! Nice colours! Hey, hope your throat stops itching soon. Keep drinking lots of water K?

Manon Keir said...

Hope the itchy throat will feel better soon!!
Love the hand cutting you do Ed and that mini album is just gorgeous!!
I'm watching American Idol auditions with you, it's good hey!!

Ana Baird said...

Stunning layout and love the mini album Edleen!

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

i like this... alot.
plus the song on your blog... :D

itsaworkofart said...

Salam Ed, despite the cough, u did a great job with your creativity. really love your style and thanks a bunch for your patience (for teaching me just now, hee...hee...)
oh yes, i'm blessed to "find" you as a friend. minum madu dgn asam jawa,first thing in the morning even b4 u brush your teeth. sblm minum, selawat 3x, when drinking doa' moga sembuh....insya-Allah, dgn izinNya, hopefully you sembuh..
(try to do this 3 hari berturut)

Hugz : July

My Paper World said...

Gorgeous photos Ed! Hope your cough gets better soon!

Aga said...

Hope you are feeling better Ed and that the cough is under control. I really love the way your mini album has come together, the colours and the design are just perfect!
Aga xx

Tania said...

Love that mini album Edleen!! Also love the layout with your last post, those felt clouds are so cute.

The only advice I have for the cough is lots of rest. Take care of yourself and drink lots of tea. :)


eMeLiNe Seet said...

great job with far flung's Ed ! hope you'll get better soon !

jazsutra said...

Hi there Ed, drooling over your mini album. totally swhhheeet!

the layout for Farflung is awesome. great cutouts and lovely colour combo ;) the tags are so cute ;)

im coughing like krazy over here too. Gosh!!!! guess itz really time for maggi mee goreng, the only antidote lol ;) takecare my kawan ;)

Have a nice sunday ;) luv,jaz

M@risk@ said...

Hope you feel better in a while. Love your beautiful pages, as always. Great job on the handcutted leaves of the LYB papers.