Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grand Opening

i had the pleasure of being the
"Official Photographer" of the Grand Opening @ Papermarket some weeks ago.
although many of my photos turned out Orangey,
just like the colour scheme of the store! hehe...
familiar Happy faces :)
used paper flowers from the Make & Take.
one flower can be lifted to
reveal names of the Papermarket Girls
and also used the store's business card ;)
if you're @ Papermarket Plaza Singapura,
you might just see these Signages i made :D
Hope you're doing Great & enjoying the weekend :)
The week started really awful for me.
this came to visit me...
expressing how it really felt by squishing dried paint...
and for those who gets a Migraine, you know how it feels!
and then hubby had a nasty accident on the road...
he has a bruised leg but Thankfully he's alright.

Mother's Day was a lovely day for many of us :)
Thanks for the sweet messages and hugs.
and then came a message that informed us that a family member is in hospital in Intensive Care... she's a Mother of 3 and only in her late 20s. it's been almost a week now and she still hasn't regained consciousness :(
we're Praying for her and family.
we've heard of the expression, Anything Can Happen.
and this is truly sudden, totally unexpected. we're hoping that she will pull through.
God Willing.

in the midst of sad news, Thursday afternoon we got news that someone we've known for a long time has passed away in Malaysia. Ron took urgent leave from work and spent the entire day @ the funeral.

while i'm still doing alright healthwise, i Thank God for everyday that comes and allows me to be with my husband, Mother my Children and making an effort to call my Parents & siblings telling them I Love Them :) and also allowing me to get all creative and perhaps expressing it all on paper with splashes of colours and many more...

before all this, Ron and i went for a date one afternoon while
our kids were in school ;) i saw this cute item from Ikea.
didn't want to use it as a Tea Towel so...
i turned it into this!
it's my new Cupcake Bag :D
well, it's not a bag for cupcakes...
most probably end up being my patterned papers bag! hehe...using epoxy buttons from Making Memories
i might add more dangly bits! hehe...Thank You Family & Friends for popping by :)
it's a mixed emotion blog post today...
i hope to bring better news about my Cousin's wife next time.
may she recover soon.

Have a wonderful weekend and Stay Happy!


Benga said...

life does have its twists and turns, will be praying for her

on the lighter side.. I totally adored that cupcake bag so cute!
Happy weekend Ed!

Manon Keir said...

Lots of hugs for you Edleen, those are not easy times!!!

Love your beautiful work, the shop should be very happy with your gorgeous signages!!!

sharon Ong said...

Thank you Ed for all your contributions to the store over the years!!! We really appreciate having you on our team! Sorry to hear you are having some tough times...hang in there!

Cathy said...

Hi Ed!!

Remember me??? :giggle:


Je@net said...

Big hugs for you, Edleen and I'll be praying for her!
As always....I love your beautiful work!

itsaworkofart said...

Salam Ed, i know how it feels like, stay strong and lots of encouragement and support for your cousin yeah. anyways, love all that you've created, including that cute bag!

Miss ya!

Coochies & All said...

Love that cupcake bag Edleen - how cool! Life is full of twists and unexpected turns - I'm having my fair share too - but I always believe that things happen for a reason, just have to find out that reason. :) Hugs to you.
elaine t

Tania said...

I hope your week is going better now, prayers to your Cousin's wife. That's so hard :(

I do LOVE that cupcake bag Edleen! Very cute

extra *Hugs* :)

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Now that cupcake bag is a fabulous idea! Luv it! I will need to check out that store when I'm in Sin. Sorry to hear what you are going through but that's life... has a funny way of throwing us into the unknown and seeing how we cope! Stay strong!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Hello my gorgeous freind!! Long time no see I know, SORRY!! I read all your posts but just haven't had time to do more than that. The reason I am writing today though, is to say I LOVED the design on the tea towel and just had to use it for a page I made. I hope it's ok but i am using the photo of your bag on my post, over at Banana Frog, as a source of my inspiration. Once the post goes 'live', later next week, I will post about it on my blog too so you can see what I made. Hugs and much love to you all :) :)