Thursday, May 20, 2010


Good Morning!
Singapore, 6.56am
spent my morning @ my balcony
enjoying this Gorgeous view!
just love how it's like brush strokes when the
Sun shines over and thru the clouds...
hope you enjoyed the view :)

this week's challenge @ Scrap and Stamp
to use ribbons on your layout.
i painted and used some bubble wraps to stamp ;)
made a photo slide
revealing some journalling ;)Sweet Dreams
about the photos, i got up @ 1am one night
and saw him sleeping like that.
couldn't resist & took my iPhone and click click :)
Fun Friendship
for Groovie Cover challenge this month :)
Dear All, firstly, Thanks for your well wishes,
Prayers and kind words.
it's almost 2 weeks now and her condition hasn't changed...
Family members are praying hard she will come out of it and have a speedy recovery.

meanwhile, Ron is now somewhere here...

shall we join him? hehe... it's been raining almost daily there so a little hard to get any gardening and sprucing work done. hope there'll be some sunshine soon :)

a little relieved now that mid~year exams are over for the kids. they're coming home each day with results but i'm just waiting for the Report Card ;) just glad they're Happy and not moping or complain being bored @ home with their Umie :D

hope you're all in good health and looking forward to the weekend? i certainly am. some visiting to do and spend time with loved ones. Take Care! *hugs*


Karen L said...

Oh what gorgeous photos of the sun rising. I never seem to be up earlier enough to catch one here. I do much better with seeing the sun set. Ron looks like he is staying in Paradise.

sharon Ong said...

I love how the bubble wrap stamping turned out! And those sunrise pics are beautiful! Have a great time with the kiddies! More kiddy time coming soon!

Manon Keir said...

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous sunrise!! Stunning!!! Love your pages as usual, the stamping looks fantastic. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Hugs xxx

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

some really beautiful pictures there... and definitely precious layouts... I hope all will be good soon for you and family. Hang in there, be brave.

Je@net said...

Wow, great photo's of the sun rising! Your layouts are beautiful, as always.
Have a great week!

itsaworkofart said...

OMG Ed, Anis photo is just toooo cute! and where's that beautiful island, Male? Maldives? miss going there.
Lovely layouts, as always Ed.


Natália Rosin said...

Oh, I loooove the photos you take from the sunrise! It's so inspiring!
Hope you are doing well!