Thursday, January 19, 2012

Art Makes Me Happy

The Black Pin Project
So the 4 of Us, J, B and F
went shopping and bought this pin and decided to get The Black Pin Project done.
We had an "Arting" Session at my place on Wednesday,
hence a Mini Index Card Art Journal was born :)
Art Makes Me Happy
Collage, Paint, Stamping, Doodling
Nature never fails to disappoint
And 2012 being the Year of the Dragon,
how apt that our Bonsai Tree is shaped that way!The time has come to celebrate and Wishing Everyone a
Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!


Betty said...

You are so efficient! Beautiful index pages...mine on the way!! we must meet up more often... so fun!

Blossom inch said...

Ed, those index pages are so beautiful and I hope it is the size of 2.5 inches x 3.5 you want to swap with me? LOL.

Nice pic taken and have a great weekend and Happy Chinese New Year!

Karen L said...

Love your pages Edleen, you are certainly very talented. What amazing sunset photos too. Certainly would take your breath away. I always enjoying popping by your blog to visit.

Edleen said...

@blossom inch

Thank You Dear :)
Sure! We can swap ATC size cards.
These index cards are 4R photo size actually ;)

Email me your address to

Have a fun Friday!

Edleen said...

Thank You Ladies!!!

@Karen L

Georgina Ooi said...

These are beautiful artwork Ed!

Georgina Ooi said...

These are beautiful artworks Ed!

Chok Keun said...

Oh, I heart these!!!! Well done, Ed!