Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Mini Album 2012

So I've gotten to know quite a number of people on Instagram and it's amazing how thru daily photos you could get to know one a little better. Strange...because in reality, we're all Strangers to each other ;)

Her Birthday is coming up soon and from the pictures she keeps posting of Spanish soccer player, Xavi Hernandez, I knew what I wanted to gift her. Photos of Xavi printed off the websites I found and a simple little Mini Album was born. And weirdly enough, after getting this Mini complete, I had a dream about this man! Hehehe...

Hopefully she'll enjoy this when it gets to her :)

Valentine Card
still early,but a request from a friend from IG

Altered Notebook
have you altered something today? :D

The weather has been Iffy lately, but the Sky is Gorgeous today!
Instagram shot, Thursday 12.1.12
What have you been up to since Day 1 of 2012? I have been Inspired lately to paint and sew and mostly, Scrapbook! It's great to get things done :) It's not all talk and nothing gets done. Phew! Also happy to get my Art Journal going. Hopefully the pages will be filled up within this month so I can get a second Art Journal started. Hopefully...

And of course, I take more than A Photo A Day!!! Instagram has been really awesome and Groovie :D So much Inspiration there from Friends all over the world and especially the Arts, I am amazed by the Tattoo Artists and Doodlers.

And Best News this year thus far is my eldest girl getting her O Level results and Yayy...plenty of As and a few Bs and she scored A Distinction for her A Math!!! I'm a Proud Umie indeed! She did it all on her own without any tuition and spending all night studying during exam period. She has been hired to Tutor Math and truly, what a Blessing :)

Leaving it up to her to make a choice between College and Polytechnic. Oh my...they sure do grow up too fast!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and Enjoy♥


Ana Baird said...

Brilliant projects Edleen. I like the card a lot. Happy New Year to you too.

Lelee said...

Fantastic works!

Chok Keun said...

Ooh, I love the altered notebook, awesome!