Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy :)

one of my previous layout got picked as Layout Of The Day @ Scrapfreak on July 19th. *yayy*

my Simplicity @ It's Best Layout was picked as one of the favourites @ One Little Word. *yayy*

our Groovie Spree arrived today! Thanks Liza! :) these are awesome!
Elsie's Lola & Riley collection. *yayy*

Happy Meal for Kids
i baked some thin sliced potatoes and added cheese
and it melted into them and...YUM! :D

The Final Touch
my bag is done! *yayy*
i used L'il Davis wooden alpha chipboards
for my new ED bag :D
today was a really good day :) and everyday should be a good day for everyone :) met my girlfriends at our usual hangout. we shared a cake and Thanks to Jenn for your muffins and brownie. yummy! you girls are just so Groovie! hehe...

came back home to my 4 Darlings who gave me the warmest Welcome Home and that makes the day better than ever!

hope your day was as Happy as mine.
Everyday should be :)



OMG! What is it?? I want these potatoes+cheese!!! It looks very delicious!! Hum hum...

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, congrats on your toots.Wow is not 1 but 2.WTG!! :)

Btw, your bag is gorgeous!.:)

Edleen said...

Nati, i'll bake some for you when you come visit Singapore :)

Stephanie, Thanks! :D

Sharmaine said...

Hi Ed. Love the bag!! Love the Elsie stuff too! Where did you get that?? I can't find anywhere with the Lola and Riley ranges :(
Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Edleen said...

Hi Sharmaine!

Thanks for the compliments :)
as for the new Elsie collection, we ordered it thru Crafts Etc. it came within days!

our LSS will also be bringing them in soon. if you can't get it there, allow me to send some to you :)

Have a Fun Weekend!
you have beautiful Girls!

edleen amani said...

those elsie's stuff look yummy :)
so does the bag and the potato sliced meal!