Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday With Family

right after Subuh, we all showered and got dressed and made our way to Singapore Immigration. and i thought being early we won't be in a queue but boy was i wrong!!! seeing how it is, told my kids to make a turnabout and we went here instead...
Ikea is having their Annual Sales so we went to have a look and managed to grab a few storage items :) *this one never ending* and what else you think it's for??? storing more scrap stuff! *wink*

brought my kids for lunch @ the food court and the local kuehs were yummy. they had Mee Soto and Lontong and i felt like having Nasi Padang for a change :D it's mainly rice with several dishes...which i don't usually eat daily. would only eat my Mum's Nasi Padang :)

we then went home and rested! i napped....took plenty of zzzzzzzzs and woke up feeling refreshed! it's been a full week of being out and about and this was a much needed nap! *wink*

did some more stitching and my daughter is into skulls these days.... on the dark side are we? hehe...

having fun in the Caribbean?
Ron and his buddies...

took a blogging "test" and this is how much i am addicted to it! hehe... Thanks Nati for the link :)
55%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
did this few days back...
Sweet Dreams

and Sweet Dreams to Everyone!
have a Restful Weekend :)


jazsutra said...

hi ed,im back enjoying yr warm blog.u know wat, i alwys njy yr blog,ure such a warm person and dat ure alwys blessed wif great frens&fam ard u...;)

thx for alwys dropping by my blog,leaving nice comments behind..


only 55%??? There is something wrong!! Hahahaha