Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend With Friends

Jenn and Aida came for an impromptu crop :) we didn't really have any plans for that few hours on Saturday afternoon *wink* Thanks for the yummy murtabak and putu piring Aida! Jenn, would love to have the cake you brought but perhaps next time. about Banana Chocolate cake from Secret Recipe? *hint hint* but truly, Thanks for the thought :)

kids had fun, Mothers had fun cropping and chatting and of course, eating! :D

Sunday another fun day with Yusida and her kids @ our humble home :) we ordered pizza from Sarpino's and ate to our heart's content! our kids played together, then didn't get along at some moments and then all is well again...hehe

i Love having my friends over, i really do :) it's fun hanging out and chilling out and just make themselves feel at home. it's great that our kids can also have fun and play together. we too, would try to get some snapshots scrap about it! :D

i think the balcony serves as a cool place to sit back, relax and do some cropping. could be the serene scenery from the fish tank and the sounds of the zen waterfall garden! *wink* also the big blue sky and breezy wind coming in. not a big space but enough to fill good friends with lots of laughter and fun. our balcony served many memories for me where friends came and went and hopefully they'll come back again and again :)

Caribbean Calling
yes! he's packing up soon and next time we'll hear from hubby he'll already be in London. he asked if i wanted any Scrapbooking stuff from there. sweet. does he not know that i've been scrapbook shopping almost every week the past 2 months??? hehe... i'm naughty!

the kids already gave him their Wish List and i'll email him mine :D i'm thinking lots and lots of chocolates! :D can't wait to see my Sweetie! *eeks, i Rarely call him that* hehehe...

did this layout of my Sweet Little Aneesa few days back. loving my new stamp! :)