Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

you are 42 today! :D
Singapore Flag drawn by Aneesa

Groovie Girls National Day Crop @ MWL
we planned for an outing on this day almost 5 weeks ago and it was back and forth between having another Groovie Gathering or cropmeet and bowling was even considered! :D so we finally settled with the cropmeet and Liza and Stephanie came to pick me and Deedah up.

and we were to meet our {Create} 6x12 winner Felicia to present her with her RAK Prize. but alas, SC had left and Malee tried in vain trying to help me find where she placed the prize. but Felicia was so sweet to understand and i apologised for our boo~boo...

crop was fun but the highlight was this...

Blueberry Cheesecake...Yummy!!!
baked by Cheffie's sister :)
my layout i did for Stephanie :)
my Uncle A
he came by for a chat :)
Groovie Girls shopping...
Thank You Aida!!!
you are the sweetest individual! :) i love the layout you did of my Little Cheeky Anis (and you did two!!!) and of course, this one...
our friendship is one ship i'd love to cruise on forever where the seas might be rough at times but smooth sailing all the way :) God Willing.

Thanks for a wonderful day and Thanks Sal, dinner was just one word, Lovely! :)
Thanks Wati for your sweet RAK!
Thank you Liza for driving us everywhere today and coming back to my place with Stephanie to hangout some more :) it was truly fun!


Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, it always fun when we meet up.:) I would love to join you on the cruise.:-)

Aida Haron said...

Sorry I had to leave, would have loved to have dinner with you gals !!! Still it was fun !