Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Making A Debut and Presenting...

Ed's Groovie Handstitched Felt Birdie :)
My Father
asked my Dad to come by this morning. he looks tired coming right after work. but he's so obliging! we talked about Akhlak (General Attitude). everything he said, of course i agree. he's the strictest Dad i know growing up... and i Love him for that! well not then, didn't love him so much because always getting lectures about studying hard, be good and you know, stuff you don't really wanna hear growing up *wink* hehe... it's like each time he starts lecturing, we'd go, "Yeah Yeah Yeah" one ear in, the other ear out!

and now that i'm a parent myself, guess who's yakking aka lecturing my kids about the same thing?!!! :D and my friends who has seen me deal with my kids, they've heard my lectures...i am so a Mother!!! :D

Mini Paperbag Album
ok so the reason why i called him to come by was to give him this album i did with brown paperbags. and also the altered acrylic hanger :) he flipped through the album and inspected the acrylic hanger and comment! hehe... but seeing him smile while he held looking at them, enough for me to feel good inside :)

this album is filled with photos of the liitle kids we met when we visited the village last year. that little Baby Boy is now walking!!! gosh... and i really want to meet my Little Sister. i keep saying we'll go visit but somehow with kids having exams and time... God Willing we will go.

i got a few layouts done yesterday and managed to complete one this morning :) this one has been sitting on my table since last week and finally...
it'll be our Nation's Birthday on Thursday and a long day for moi! going to meet some friends for a crop meet and also meeting Felicia our winner @ {Create} to present her with our RAK Prize :)

and how thrilled and happy to be on their faves for the second time running at One Little Word :D


Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, lovely birdies.:-D

Will i get one?? LOL...............

As usual, lovely album & LO.:-)

Renata Moni said...

too cute!!!

Aida Haron said...

Great pages !!! Love the Bird !

Ed, yes Akhlak, very important and a part of life we need reminding about now ! So agree with you about parents being strict with us when younger, even with the issues I had with my parents, they did manage to instill lessons that have stayed with me.

Happy Ntaional Day to you and your family, have a fun long weekend, see you at the crop !!

NoraHata said...

cute birdies!!! great work with the album!!!


Ed, looooooooove the birdies!!! They got so cute!!
And your album? Gorgeous!

Lots of kisses for you!

Edleen said...

Thanks Friends! :)

it was also so nice seeing some of you @ MWL today :D