Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sugar Rush!

my Mum called and asked me and kids to go across the causeway with her this afternoon. it's her day off and we see her once a week and we always love spending time with her :) so Tok and Mama L came to pick us up and off we went to JB! one thing that i dislike, is filling up the white forms when entering Malaysia. because i have to fill in 5 times!!! *rolls eyes* but today Aysha filled the forms :D *yayy*

we went to Tebrau City and had lunch and shopped! they are having sales and i think i got some great bargains! :D i especially love my new First Aid kit metal box! it's red and it's hot! hehe... now do you think i'd fill it with first aid kits? *wink*

anyway, the best thing about being in JB is getting their yummy food stuff! and look what my Mum got us...

believe it or not...they're all gone!!! *wink*

i LOVE their cakes!!! sinful! :D

Walnut Brownie

Chocolate Banana Cake

My Favouritest Peanut Butter! :D

Thankfully we got home safe :) indeed, we've heard stories and news of how it can be dangerous when being in JB. but...it can be dangerous being in our homeland too! anything can happen to anyone at anytime, anywhere. but i'm truly glad everything went well today and my family is safe :)

better get some zzzzzzzs and early to bed because it's early to rise on Wednesday morning! kids will be having pre~National Day parties in their schools and busy me shuttling one child to one and then to another! that's my daily routine during school week *wink*

Birthday Shout Out
Happy Birthday Stephanie!
God Bless, Be Happy and You're a Really Wonderful Friend :)
Enjoy Your Special Day!

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Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, yummy donuts and peanuts butter. Glad you have a wonderful day with ur mum.:)