Thursday, September 13, 2007


which means Thursday in French :) i watched the sun rise from my balcony this beautiful morning...
Singapore 7.11am
New Look!
Thanks to Amani & her daughter Amber
for our forum "ScrapOver" :)
now we can pick a "patterned paper" of our choice
whenever we're hanging out @
Groovie Java Scraps Cafe.
One Layout :)

some cutting and plenty of doodling on the photo
and the black space on the patterned paper :)
Phone Call
Ron called last night. they've been issued the Tsunami warning alert. they've all been evacuated and he said he's all packed and ready to leave if they have to. but he said it's just a warning for safety precautions. he told me not to worry.

the aftershock caused by the Earthquake in Sumatra last night was pretty frightening. saw the news today and there are a few casualties... so sad for Indonesia. let's pray for them and hope no such disasters will occur again.

hope everyone's having a nice Thursday despite everything else that's going on around us.

Stay Happy and Smile Always! :D


Stephanie Mah said...

Great shots!! :) love it!

Lovely LO.:) (as always!)

Cathy said...

I'm so happy you stopped by my home! I didn't see you in class, maybe I better wake up and start paying attention more. : )

Lovely pictures of the sunrise.


Edleen said...

Thanks Stephanie and Cathy :)