Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Seventh Day

May This Holy and Blessed Ramadan Purify Us Zahiran Wa Batinan to bring us closer to God.

May the hunger and thirst of fasting reminds us of the sufferings of the less fortunate.

May the Iftar makes us more Forgiving, Thankful and Grateful to God.

May it makes us more considerate and thoughtful of others.

May God shower us with lots and lots of LOVE.

Amin Ya Rab, Bijahi Habibikal Mustafa SAW.

Family Moments
it is the joyous and most meaningful of moments to be with my Family, at any time. sitting together at the dinner table almost every night, we Treasure these moments. not one watching TV or eating on their own. Ron speaks to all our kids, at the same time we talk abuot how the day went and always having a moment to Reflect and to remember and always be Thankful and Grateful for what we have.

and i AM Thankful for God's Gift to me. Blessing me with my Loving Mum and Dad and brothers. a caring husband and 4 beautiful kids. i hope to raise them well although the older ones are showing signs of, "I'm all grown up now!" *rolling my eyes* err...but you're both only 12 and 10???

so he's all busy with an upcoming Charity Gala. it's going to be a "Big Bash" and he'll be busy with meetings and there's an offer to be an Expat in Bali *wink* and as always, he would turn to me and ask, "What do you think?" hey, if it means we'll be expats in Bali, why not??? hehe...

tonight we broke our fast with my Roast Chicken :)
very simple dish.

it only needs an onion, salt, sprinkles
of tumeric and sweet soy sauce :)
roast in oven for about 45 minutes @ 200 degrees.
try it out!
Send In The Clown
he is my jester, my silly boy!
did this fun layout with bits of BamPop!

went for a speedy meeting this afternoon. i have several ideas in my head but to put it on the table would mean taking a certain amount of time out of my already exhausted schedule! *what schedule???* hehe... but i am having fun so that's pretty important to me :)

and it's good to come to a mutual understanding with people we are working with. it just feels good to have good feelings. doesn't it? :D

oh the different time zones!!! Thanks to Sri for being a sweet classmate :D at this age going back to the classroom, even though virtual, so not me!!! hehe...

hope your Wednesday is as Wicked as mine! *wink* Be Happy!


Cheryl Wray said...

This prayer is beautiful!! I also participate in fasting during our Christian Lent season. Such a great way to get our perspectives straight.
And the recipe looks like a great way to break out of the fast!

LOVe the pages!!

(and...hee hee... I also love Keanu Reeves. Such a cutie, sexy pie!)

Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, love ur layout!! :))

yum yum... roast chicken!!

wow.. expat in Bali...that great!!

Wati Basri said...

love that layout! really Muesa :)
and that roast really yummy.thanks ed for the recipe,tried it a few times..never fail to please everyone!!!
as for Bali...woohoo...exciting!!!!

Sharmaine said...

Yum Ed!! Would love to make that Roast Chicken!! Can you email me with the recipe details, ie: amount of chicken etc???
Yum diddly!
Love the layout, just as yummy!!

Nora said...

such cute and fun layout Ed and drooling at the roasted chix!
and as for Bali, i say....GO, GO, GO!!!

Aida Haron said...

What beautiful words !!!

Love the LO, and *Expat* in Bali ??? Why not ??? It's still near enough to Spore .... and can we visit you ???? LOL !

Aida Haron said...

What beautiful words !!!

Love the LO, and *Expat* in Bali ??? Why not ??? It's still near enough to Spore .... and can we visit you ???? LOL !

Cathy said...

Ok, the next time you make that, can I get an invite for dinner????? PLEASE? It's breakfast time here and you have me hungry now.

What another fun LO you have created there!