Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fave Shots ~ Thursday

Anis this morning :)
Our Orchids
i like this shot of our Purple Orchids being the
main focus and me on the background :)

a rare find...
first time seeing some green on a
white philaenopsis
our Mandarin Orange plant still Alive!
it's Assessment Week for my older kids in school. a sigh of relief for them and myself as it's already over. here in Singapore, assessments and exams are sometimes a stress factor for some parents and their kids. of course i want my kids to excel and do well in school like any parent would want their child to.

but i think if they gave their best shot and even if their results aren't as expected, can't do anything but hope they'll improve themselves in the future. Aysha was so elated when she called me right after school telling me she had Top Marks for Design & Technology (D&T) theory paper. i'm truly glad and happy for her :)

as for my son Muesa, i know he's weak in some subjects and he may not do so well but i know he has his strength in other areas. i'd be disappointed if he didn't do well but i won't make him feel as if he's a disappointment to me. he did his best and we'll figure out a way to make him do better next time. God Willing :) anyway, his results will only come out next week. let's hope for the best!

Our Parents
my Dad, since his accident @ work, is now recovering well and will report back to work next month. he says his legs still hurts at times but not as bad as the first few days when it happened. his skin is better and well, how was he to know that on that fateful day when he went to work he was going to be burnt? Thankfully he is alright now :) Thank You for your kind wishes and prayers *hugs*

but today, Ron's Dad has been warded. he complaint about feeling weak and dizzy. Dad is in his 70s so it could be the age factor. the Doctor wants him to be tested and observe him for a few days. hope it's nothing serious. i'm just worried my MIL will be worried and she might fall sick too...

it's been a breezy day for me. i like my days daily. i often wake up feeling positive about the day and not mope nor be upset even if my little ones annoy me to the moon!!! hehe... reminder to myself: no point being angry... release the anger maybe in a form of journalling, watching TV, listening to music. try doing something to distract my mind. maybe scrap rather than the endless nagging that i am capable of! *yes it's true* hehe...

oh and today, i miss London!!! no Stephanie, not being Miss London who likes to correct people's vocab but missing London itself! :D the best of times living there!

ahhh Portobello...fave spot for shopping and finding knick knacks :D miss you!!! hope we'll be able to go back there to live for awhile! *wink* ok, maybe not live but to visit :D

wishing Everyone a Happy Thursday! :)


Stephanie Mah said...

LOL......miss London."wink".

heya, love the shots of little ah pek.miss him so much!!

sorry to hear about your FIL.hope everything is well.:)

Sharmaine said...

Hope your FIL is ok, that your MIL will be ok and that your Dad goes back to work ok too :)
Love the photos and hope the school results are better than expected :)
I want to go to London one day :)
Happy Friday

Annette said...

Your photos are so beautiful! I would want to frame them all! I love reading your blog and hope that everyone in your family is well, soon. I had surgery a week agp after falling down the stairs & shattering my wrist. (Typing with one hand is the pits!) Our health is nothing to take for granted. We should celebrate it!

Aida Haron said...

Anis is so cute !!! And yes, I miss Britain too, though mianly the friends I made (not the miserable weather !), Hong Kong and Vancouver.

Hope we get to catch up soon !

Cathy said...

Anis is so sweet!!!

I want to just visit all the places you have been once in my life!!!