Friday, September 26, 2008

At The Istana

The Istana (Malay word for Palace) is the Official residence of the President where he receives and entertains state guests. The entire domain occupies over 100 acres and is located along the busy Orchard Road.

a President's Challenge Charity Lunch was held there this afternoon where all the Formula 1 drivers, the Owners that brought in the race and Ministers and many more were invited for this occasion. and No, i wasn't invited! hehehe... the public is only allowed inside the Istana grounds only during an Open House :)

this is what my husband does when there's a huge function.
he decorates and sources for plants. major decoration were by the Bondi girls. of course with help of many others to make it all happen :)
the hanging plants were one of the highlights. although i wonder if people actually notice?

table top decor with fresh fruits and plants which stretches from one end to the other...

after the set up was done and when everyone is Happy, i'm sure the feeling of delight sets in for everyone especially when it's greatly appreciated. now that this is over, Ron can relax a little and enjoy the rest of Ramadan :) 3 days left!

and to our surprise, we got a few more passes for the F1 GP night race for the whole family. but kids under 7yrs aren't allowed in. and i think the noise from the race would be quite deafening. we gave away all Friday passes to a friend since we won't be going and rather than keeping them or selling them off to make money, better to give it away.

Saturday passes will be mine! all mine! :D i just wonder how long i will last being there. definitely not all 61 laps. just watched the news of the race going on LIVE tonight and some people paid Euro 500 just to go to the night party??? Wow... i think ours probably costs about $1000 for all the passes that we got and it's cool that we get to go and enjoy the experience for free! plus we won't be anywhere near the Grand Stand or Pit Stop...we're the Walkabouts! :D

well, sometimes we get lucky and other times, we may not be so lucky. whatever it is, we're Thankful and perhaps i'm "flaunting" this here but...this is where we flaunt and tell our stories! :D as long as it doesn't hurt anyone and just sharing something to my family and friends living across the miles. just so you know, not much exciting happenings in Singapore so when something like this comes about, it's News! and to be part of it, it's pretty cool :)

i'll report back once the race is over...hehe and i really hope to get some nice shots. there's a warning not to bring lens more than 300mm and i don't think i have that anyway. will just snap away, and scrapbook about this for sure!

Enjoy your Weekend and Have Fun!!!


scrappermimi said...

Looks like a great time! Enjoy!!!!

The tent looks wonderful, so pretty with all the great plants and fruit!

Any chance I could get you to email me the recipe for you potatoes au gratin in your last post,looks like something my kiddos would love!

Have a great weekend!!

Tania said...

How cool to have such a big thing happening near you. :) I hope you have fun!

Oh, BTW, to respond to the comment on my blog, my B-day was on the 25th(yesterday). Here's my e-mail address if you wanted to contact me.


Karen L said...

Ah Edleen I go away for work for one week and look at all the posts that I have missed. I hope you had a very happy birthday. Looks like lots of exciting things are in store for you. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the fast cars. Have a great time there.

jakey said...

The decorations are wonderful Ed! And I have a friend who would die for those passes to F! Lol.. (personally, I'd have given them away too!)

hugz to you and all!
jk xx

Lesli said...

Wow how gorgeous and so green! I wish that was here in Montana!

Marie said...

Ohh fun!! I love those green hydrangeas however u spell it lol!

Marie said...

Ohh fun!! I love those green hydrangeas however u spell it lol!

Stephanie M said...

wonderful decorations.:)

How's the F1 race?

Cheryl Wray said...

The decorations and tables look fantastic!!!!!

And what a fun, fun event!!!

jazsutra said...

the decorations are so beautiful ed.and do have fun at f1.yes,do show us all the cool snapshots ya ;)