Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We're Going!!!

Ron came home and brought 3 boxes of these!!!
not sure why i'm excited because not really a f
an but i guess this being the very first Singapore Grand Prix, Formula 1 night race it's just great! how fun that we've got tickets for all 3 days! woohoo...

all i know is that i'll be bringing my camera and try to take shots of these fast cars! that is, if i manage to capture some nice shots! ;)

Baked Potato Gratin
made this for dinner with Aysha's help. she loves being in the kitchen and look at the amount of cheese she drowned the potatoes in!!!

bought these chicken pies and famous curry puffs :)

we're all glad that the Man of the House is home safe :) but it's back to work early this morning. he'll be spending most of his time with the Bondi Girls from Australia. the organisers and i think the President are throwing a Grand Party for the F1 racers and team ;)

Have You Read This Book?
i haven't but very Inspired by the Book Cover.
i started a Groovie online crop challenge for this :)

this is my interpretation of the Book Cover.
i want to go back there...
for Sketches! Recipe challenge
the paper is tilted hence the tilted page! ;)

how are you doing? hope you're all in good health :)
i'm in the midst of cleaning up our humble home and scrapbooking in between ;) Ron brought home more stuff from the Caribbean & London... i think we're just truly Blessed with what we've got. i am Thankful and really can't complain.

he also brought home stories of how many of his assistants suffered from Hurricane Ike in Turks & Caicos and how they lost their homes :( but Life still goes on for them. they still come to work, have Smiles on their faces and what a great attitude to own!

whatever it is, anything can happen within a split second so i guess we ought to be Grateful for Life itself :) time for me to get some organising done and wishing you a Wonderful Wednesday and Take Care!


Jennifer said...

What's the URL for the stamping challenge?

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, I just LOVE these layouts!!!!!! Great work!

And the race sounds like a lot of fun!

Stephanie M said...

wow! way to cool to the F1.:)

love your layouts!

jazsutra said...

Wooooooooooo have fun at F1!!! and look at yr LOs!they are wowzers!

jazsutra said...

Wooooooooooo have fun at F1!!! and look at yr LOs!they are wowzers!

Stef said...

I'm showing your cousin this tonight, he may cry, cause he keeps wishing he was back in Singapore right now, and well talking non stop about the F1 ...